Our journey to becoming a Green leader

The circular economy concept aims at reducing waste as much as possible and, in effect, a product’s life cycle is extended to the maximum.

Elysee’s Hydraulic Fittings Collection

The company’s Hydraulic Fittings Collection, which comprises threaded plastic accessories with both male and female type thread, is a top-quality range that offers a number of benefits.

Exposed vs Concealed Plumbing: Differences and which one you should choose

While many assume that having your plumbing system covered up and concealed is the obvious choice, there are, in fact, plenty of reasons to leave pipework exposed.

Water Saving Tips for your Landscape

As widely known, although 70% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, there are numerous parts of the world that actually suffer from clean water shortage.

Introducing 2 products from the special fittings collection

If you are looking for the most effective way to connect polyethylene pipes to various kinds of plumbing materials, Elysee has developed two products of the highest quality, designed to seal pipes of various kinds of materials and diameters. These are the Universal Adaptor and the Global Transition Coupling, which are both available in various sizes to suit your different needs.

Discover the ZEEFLEX fittings collection

For effectively connecting flexible PVC hoses that are used in swimming pool installations, Elysee has developed the top-quality ZEEFLEX Compression Fittings.

Irrigation In-Line Filters for Maximum Efficiency

For protecting your drip irrigation systems, in both residential and commercial installations, you need to select the appropriate filter. Fortunately, Elysee has got you covered with two types of irrigation filters that will enable you to attain maximum efficiency: disc and screen

Presenting Zeta Series compression fittings by Elysee

Along with their lightweight, ergonomic, modern, and easy-fit design, the Zeta Series-Range fittings aim to decrease alterations as much as possible while they do not require force for the pipe’s installation.

Omicron Series: Important things to know about our top-class compression fittings (Push-fit)

This article aims to provide readers with important information on the Omicron Series (Push-Fit), from Elysee’s comprehensive range of top-class mechanical compression fittings.