A Brief History

Love for water has given birth to our company, Elysee. With origins in agriculture and a degree in physics, the founder, Antonis Protopapas, had the idea to make a business that would grow the best flowers in the Middle East! And, that was the start of this beautiful journey…

Through this venture, the need of knowing about irrigation came up. Back in 1970’s the new art of irrigation was on the rise, and the know-how was brought-in to help Elysee grow world-wide class flowers.

Through knowledge of irrigation and irrigation needs, the next venture was into trading in irrigation. Then, soon afterwards, trading of pipe fittings and then… into manufacturing them. So, in 1979, on 16th April, Elysee Irrigation was founded. As early as 1980, the first export activities started, in the nearby markets of Middle East, an area which at the time was only starting in irrigation techniques.

The first production facility was co-located with farming and flower preparation for the international markets. These were exciting times where exploration of the unknown field of plastic manufacturing was as hard but rewarding for a young company.

This early success, led to a fast growth which demanded a dedicated industrial space. Hence, in 1989, the current site in Ergates Industrial Area is established.

The product range at the time comprised of a substantial series of drippers and sprinklers as well as an extensive range of compression fittings, saddles and threaded fittings.

A piping system is never complete without a pipe, hence in 1991 a Polyethylene pipe manufacturing unit was established in Ergates site. In this way, Elysee was now offering a full solution for water supply as well.

The early success of this venture led to the extension of the range in PVC pipe manufacturing, entering the construction and infrastructure world.

An extensive range of product meant that the quality control division had to be formally established, leading to the certification of the company with the ISO9001 as early as 1998.

In 2001, a new office building was erected to host the main offices of the company, which until then were located in central Nicosia, hence optimizing the operations and preparing for what would be the next step in expansion.

The first recognition of the international activity for Elysee came with the Special Export Award for the year 2002.
The same year, a new function is born in Elysee, the Research and Development department to lead the advancement of technology and improvement of the product range.

Elysee was now a complete and modern company, investing significantly in the international market.
The years to follow saw a significant expansion in global reach and market coverage. Elysee products could be found in all 5 continents and in a steadily growing number of countries. A series of other 4 Export Awards (in 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016) is a testimony of just that!

Our international network of selected partners currently spans 65 markets where Elysee is active in 4 sectors: Water Supply, Irrigation, Infrastructure and Energy.

For direct response to the changing needs of the global market, Elysee has expanded its operations by establishing 3 distribution centers in Austria, Russia and Lebanon.

Customer Service

Enquires and orders can reach us through our wide network of local agents and sales representatives.