Vision, Mission & Values

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so that’s what we focus on. Our product development is centred around making innovative piping solutions that make life easier for our customers, with products that are easy to install, long-lasting and require little maintenance. Our expert advisors take time to ensure that every customer receives a tailored solution for their specialised needs and that this solution exceeds their expectations. From OEM products created under your company name, to the modification of products to suit your specific needs, we’re happy to adapt and help in any way we can.

Team this up with the support every customer receives from our friendly and knowledgeable staff and we know we’re offering a brilliant service. We go the extra mile to earn your trust, to forge long-term partnerships with our customers. When you know you can rely on our products, our advice and our services, your loyalty is so valuable to us, as are the recommendations you kindly pass on to others.


Our Vision

“To be a green leader worldwide through Innovative, Smart, Easy to use Piping Systems”


Our Mission

  • Develop W.I.S.E. Products to preserve water resources for future generations (Worldwide, Innovative, Smart, Easy-to-use)
  • Provide our Customers and Partners with a competitive edge
  • Lead our people to meet their full potential
  • Achieve sustainable and profitable company growth
  • Contribute to Society and the Environment making Earth a better place to live

Our Values:

  • Business-driven innovation.
  • Green thinking.
  • Customer commitment and value creation.
  • Quality and continuous improvement.
  • Respect each other and win as a team  
  • Promote personal and professional growth.