Who we are

Elysée manufactures and supplies piping and irrigation systems for water supply, irrigation, sewerage and energy. Based in Cyprus, a key location at crossroads of three continents, Elysée serves more than 65 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

It is in our nature as a company but also as people, to be ambitious and set high targets. We are inspired by our 40-year history and experience and we look forward to our fifth decade with optimism and confidence. From our expert engineers to our highly knowledgeable customer services staff, teamwork plays a huge part in the success of Elysee. Collaboration across all departments, attention to detail and a lot of hard work result in amazing products, to create brilliant solutions that can be tailored perfectly to every customer.

We strive to innovate and improve, and because we have our own in-house R&D department, we can be ahead of the crowd when it comes to developing and creating new and exciting products. With each new product we look to maximise not just the efficiency of the product, but also the durability and ease of use. We also love to add in new features that make your life easier. Always with a thought to minimising environmental impact, and keeping prices competitive for you and your business, we want to save you time, save you money, and save the planet. We’re proud to say that we manage to achieve these targets time and time again, thanks to every member of the Elysee team.

Years of Experience

With a flexible organizational structure, Elysée ensures a quick response to customer enquiries, orders and opportunities for collaboration. New products are developed every year and are added to upgrade existing products to create a consistently growing range.

Many years of experience in fittings design, manufacture and supply are reflected in new products which respond to customer needs, and in our ability to produce and deliver every order to its destination on schedule.


What is it that makes Elysee stand out in today’s polymeric piping world?

  • First, our products are certified by the most reputable international standards organizations such as DVGW, WRAS and KIWA, demonstrating the steady and continuous effort of the company in producing high quality products.
  • This product range has been proven in the field for forty years.
  • These 40 years of experience have matured the processes and technology of the company, today comprising the latest in production and assembly equipment. _Capacity is continuously upgraded to satisfy the demand in both quantity and technology.
  • We are a family business and take pride in what we do. Accountability, honesty and close collaboration are present in all operations.

In conclusion, ambition to grow, coupled with the capability to meet market needs is what make Elysee an ideal choice for our partners in every market.

Our Culture

Ever since our establishment, quality has been a major principle covering Elysée operations. By introducing a quality management system, we are able to monitor our activities and efficiency, in order to elevate our overall performance. Today Elysée Irrigation LTD proudly holds internationally renowned certificates of piping systems, a testimony of commitment to quality.

Quality has always been a major principle of Elysee’s operations. But every principle is only as good as its application. Our quality management system is firmly in place, and ensures consistent, high-standard performance throughout the organization. Elysée has earned the ISO 9001 certificate, a testimony of our commitment to quality. Being one of the few manufacturers who have achieved it.

Elysée has earned prestigious International Product Certifications like DVGW, KIWA, SII and OVGW. These distinct quality marks put Elysée in a prime spot of the international market.

We at Elysée realize that from a customer’s perspective, the term “quality” covers both the product and the service. Our ever growing customer list reflects our determination to settle for nothing less.

It is in our nature as a company but also as persons to be ambitious and set high targets. We are inspired by our 40-year history and experience and we look forward to our fifth decade with optimism and confidence

Streaming Water, Streaming Life!

As humans, we want the same for our Lives. We care to drive them at a safe destination.

As a company, we produce reliable systems to flow water –and fluids generally- safely to their destination.

Ultimately, we aim to guide Life on a green path.