Why precision irrigation is the only way to sustainable agriculture


If you are a farmer or work in the agriculture industry, it is important to know the benefits of using precision irrigation, and how the right choices can help not only farmers but also the environment.




Due to the fact that water, albeit a natural resource, is difficult to secure for land irrigation purposes, mostly due to climate changes and its rising price, implementing precision irrigation practices in the agriculture industry is as vital as ever. Precision irrigation refers to watering the roots of the plants and not the soil, when and where is required by the plants, and, also, in the required quantity. Drip irrigation is the most efficient system for watering your plants exactly as they need to. Since a low-pressure system directs a steady and consistent water flow, the plants get the nutrients they need uniformly while this is the most cost-effective solution, saving water and labour needs, reducing the use of chemicals and energy, maximising in this way yields and profits.

Due to the limited resources in terms of arable land, as well as other socio-political and environmental issues, those who work within the agriculture sector should practice sustainable agriculture and set as their priority how to actually help the environment and not harm it further. The solution to this is precision irrigation, using smart irrigation tools and equipment, such as drip irrigation and mini sprinklers, in order for farmers to have healthy and large yields.




Furthermore, there are smart systems that are in line with environmental conditions and topography, ensuring through controllers, sensors, sprinklers, and piping systems precise fertigation, while they apply the required nutrients and water at the optimal time and quantity. In this way, unnecessary chemicals are not used, helping the reduction of greenhouse gases and adding to the overall wellbeing of the planet. Precision irrigation systems, therefore, are not only water and cost-efficient but also help farmers comply with new environmental policies and, at the same time, to meet effectively growing demand.

For the perfect irrigation system for your own land, Elysee has a wide variety of products and solutions, which ensure precision irrigation. As a result, you can succeed adequate watering right to the root zone, minimise the risk of under or over-watering, score high water savings, and grow healthier plants.




Elysee vows to provide a great experience to all customers, as well as irrigation products of the highest quality and which are easy-to-install. What is also important is that all products are eco-friendly and corrosion-free, patented and engineered in Elysée’s in-house R&D facility.

For more information, feel free to contact Elysee’s technical office team to learn more about their innovative and smart products and find solutions to cater your needs in the best possible way.

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