Summer tips to water your garden properly


The summer is already here, and it is important to hydrate not only yourselves but for your garden as well! To do this, you should be well-informed on how to make sure that your plants will survive and thrive in the heat of the summer.




First of all, the time of day that you water your plants plays a huge role. Prefer to water your plants in the morning, when the weather is cooler, to help the absorbance of water. Also, you should always make sure that your soil is evenly moist. This means that your plants shouldn’t be overwatered or underwatered, but to be watered just before they go completely dry. A simple way to check how moist the soil is the “finger test”. Your finger should not come out completely clean but have some soil on it.

In any event, the soil should be of high quality and rich in nutrients and clay materials.  An extra measure that you can take for improving the quality of your soil and, at the same time, reduce evaporation is to apply mulch to the surface of the soil. To do this, you can use organic material like shredded leaves, pine needles, compost, or grass clippings. However, you should have in mind that mulch sometimes prevents water from reaching the roots and may remain in the upper soil. To keep the roots strong, you should water at the base of the plant while keeping the leaves dry for avoiding any burn marks. A common misconception is that brown or yellow leaves mean that your plant needs more water. However, exactly the opposite applies: brown edges or a yellow hue is a sign that you have been overwatering your plant.





We cannot stress enough that not only the right amount of water is necessary for maintaining a good soil quality but also the uniform distribution of water. To achieve this, a drip irrigation system is the optimum choice since it delivers the water very slowly and specifically to the roots. This also promotes a “green” behavior since there is very little water wastage. For even better results and “greener” solutions, you should choose an automatic irrigator with moisture sensor which will water your plants only when they need it, hence, irrigate in a way that saves as much water as possible. A good irrigation system will also put your mind at ease when you are on holidays since you can always set an automatic timer to water your garden whenever you want. You can even control the system via an application on your mobile phone or tablet. 





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