Smart Landscaping. A guide to water and cost-efficient irrigation


It’s so important to look after our planet, and one way in which we can play our part is to minimise the water we use and prevent wastage. By using an irrigation system, you can save money, and when you have a garden or crops that water themselves, you’re also saving time. Modern irrigation systems have a lot of great features that make them increasingly customisable, controllable and cost-effective.


Your new irrigation system can actually save you money and so could be considered a long-term investment. With some many innovative products on the market, it can be hard deciding which irrigation system would be the best fit for your land, so it’s a good idea to understand a little about the two main types of irrigation system available, drip irrigation and sprinkler systems.



A drip irrigation system delivers the water right at the base of the plants, directly to the roots. The water is delivered slowly so there’s no issue with runoff or water pooling. For bushy plants with a dense cover above their roots, this system ensures this type of plant gets enough water. The system does not suffer from loss of water due to evaporation, and it’s easy to control water quantity in each area such as plants that require extra water compared with those that need watering less frequently.


Sprinkler systems

A sprinkler system, however, will sprinkle water over the plants. With good planning, a sprinkler system can be made to be very efficient, and it’s a great option for large areas such as lawns. Advanced in-ground sprinkler systems are now available that can be permanently set up and turned on and off at will, or set on a timer. These in-ground systems are barely visible making them a great option for front gardens of homes and also eliminates the tripping hazard of hoses, as well as the time in setting a system up that is only used temporarily then dismantled.




Automating your system

By adding automation to your system via the use of solenoid valves and timer controls, you can maximise your savings of water, time and money.


Move into the future of irrigation

Smart irrigation is the way of the future. Control your irrigation from your smartphone so you don’t even have to be in the same country as your garden! Advanced irrigation systems can certainly make life easier for you, and with a good set up, you can save money too. Getting a professional irrigation design is the first step you should take. This will ensure that the needs of you, and all your plants are met and that the maximum water saving is achieved.


If you’re interested in taking this step forward to a better and smarter way to water your garden or crops then please get in touch. The Elysee technical office team are here to provide a detailed auto-cad design alongside a material bill of quantities. We look forward to providing you with our high-quality irrigation solutions. Get in touch today for more information.