Nils Henrik Tuastad, Production Manager: "Digital Transformation is Imperative for All Businesses"


Nils Henrik Tuastad, Production Manager at Elysee Irrigation, recently gave an interview to the prestigious INBusiness magazine, published in Greek. We’d like to bring you the highlights of the points raised during the interview, an insight into our business and our ethos, focusing on Digital Transformation and how our company is adapted in the new capabilities of digital developments.




Nils was asked about the impact of digital transformation on Elysee, and also how Elysee was prepared to cope with the pandemic. His reply acknowledged the need to make fast, real-time decisions in order to remain competitive in the market and touched on the changing needs of the customer. These days, delivery time and production flexibility are as important as quality and cost. No longer is simply maintaining high stock levels a sufficient compensation for lower production capacity. From robotic operations during the manufacturing processes to interacting with global customers via social media, digitization is now an essential part of any business.

With regards to the pandemic, of course, no one could predict quite the impact this would have on the world, but Elysee was relatively fortunate due to the infrastructure for remote working already being in place. The administrative side of the business carried on pretty much as normal. Elysee’s HR and H&S departments worked quickly to ensure that production could continue in a safe manner and so thankfully, Elysee continued to be productive throughout the pandemic.

Nils went on to explain that as technology changes, Elysee embraces the new innovations and is always looking for ways to use new technologies to make products faster, with lower costs and better results. Ultimately, shortening the ‘time to market’ for new products. The digital world is fast-moving, and to get the very best from these new innovations, it’s important to ensure they are utilized to the full. The team at Elysee had differing levels of computer knowledge when the business first began to implement a greater level of digital technology, however, Elysee is dedicated to furthering the abilities of all staff members, and so a high level of training was given to ensure that everyone at Elysee could confidently use all the technology and boost their own computer skills too.

It is well known that Elysee is aiming to be a global green leader and have had the protection of the environment as a key factor in all decisions the business makes, and so Nils was happy to elucidate on some of the ways in which digital transformation has helped improve the company’s green credentials. These include continually assessing processes to make them more efficient, optimizing energy-consuming activities, enhancing machinery and processes to use less energy, incorporation of green energy production in business operations, and the utilization of recycled materials without impacting quality. As an example, 30% of Elysee’s energy usage now comes from renewable sources.

For all businesses, technology and digital transformation are the way forward. It’s an essential part of every business and every life and so it’s important for us to make the most of these exciting opportunities to boost business, enhance productivity and create even better products.

Here at Elysee, we are so proud of the collaborative work of every single member of our team. We share a vision, and a mission, to constantly strive to not only make our business the best it can be but to make the planet the best it can be too.

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