Lean management at Elysee: The potential benefits for customers


At Elysee we believe in a holistic approach and Lean management fits well with our own philosophies, with far reaching benefits. Lean management focuses on reducing waste, so we’re preserving water and ensuring our processes are as efficient as possible, which is good for our business and great for our planet. Lean management also goes much further than this, and it is these intrinsic benefits that we believe are incredibly beneficial both to our staff and to our customers.


Understanding our connections

With Lean philosophies in mind, we ensure that each employee feels valued. Training methods are used to increase employee confidence, and we make sure that every person who works here at Elysee understands that they are part of a team. When you understand the processes, and see how your efforts have a beneficial effect on other team members, it creates real job satisfaction and boosts morale.


Utilising key metrics for performance assessment

We use Lean tools to measure and assess our processes. Our E-Lean Challenge runs across all departments and has been a huge success. This challenge allows us to recognise outstanding individuals and reward positive actions and efforts. Through this scheme, we have encouraged employees to submit more than 1000 ideas for improvement, many of which have been or will be implemented. We’ve also reduced safety incidents by 30% and efficiency has improved across the board.


An ongoing philosophy

Lean management is a concept that can evolve and grow so we’re forever changing and moving forward with these philosophies in mind. Improvement, reducing waste and ensuring we offer the very best customer service is highly important to Elysee and Lean management gives us the tools to do this very successfully.


Lean management makes happy customers

The effects of Lean management can be felt through every level of the business, in every department, and these benefits are then passed on to our customers. Our customer-centric approach ensures that every customer receives a high level of service, tailored to their own unique requirements. The value we deliver to our customers comes as a result of our continuous internal culture, and this is exactly the ultimate motivation for us. Our innovative products are designed to meet and to further exceed customer expectations. It’s in this way that the team of Elysee is proud and feels satisfaction from a job well done.


Our promise to our customers

With our Lean management philosophies in mind, we feel able to promise all our customers a great experience when they choose Elysee. Our highly trained and experienced staff will ensure you receive excellent service and can offer you any help or advice you may require in order to make the best choices from our product ranges. When you choose Elysee products, we promise that every single item is of the very highest quality. Choose our products that have been designed and engineered in house in our on-site R&D facility and you’re choosing products that will be easy to install, eco-friendly and corrosion free.


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