Cypriot Award for Export

In recognition of our ongoing Commitment to Excellence

Cypriot Award for Export

Elysee Irrigation Ltd, this month will be awarded as one of the leading Cypriot companies for exporting its products worldwide. The committee of the Ministry of Energy, Industry, Commerce and Tourism decided to honor Elysee with the “Special Exports Award” for 2016. The President of Cyprus will allot the “Special Exports Award” at Elysee in a special ceremony which will take place at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia. This ceremony is taking place to celebrate excellence and professionalism, recognizing exceptional leaders in their own expertise.

This award once again shows our overall performance as a company, our dynamic workplace culture, our ability penetrating global markets and our continuous growth in the Plastic Pipes and Fittings industry. It is the fourth time that Elysee will get the Export award. The past year we worked really hard and the award comes as a recognition as well as appreciation of our efforts. We are also aware of the fact that with each award comes the responsibility on maintaining the top quality of our products.

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