Job Vacancies-July 2020

Elysee Irrigation Ltd, one of the largest plastics manufacturing industries in Cyprus, with a leading position in the local market and exports to more than 65 countries worldwide, is expanding and strengthening its strategic development by recruiting competent individuals. The company is looking to hire staff in different positions (5) within the organization.

Elysée Celebrated 40 Years with a Glittering Event!

From its beginnings in floriculture to the founding of Elysée in April 1979, until today and its evolution into a global provider of piping systems and fittings for drinking water and irrigation, Elysée had a very interesting success story to narrate and celebrate!


Design and manufacturing of a novel Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Film for the construction industry, using recycled agricultural plastic waste (APW).

GELY Geothermal collector pipe

GELY Geothermal collector pipe