Innovation Matters

At Elysee, innovation matters and is the major key to succeeding. We are highly inspired and motivated, intending to launch modern technologies and breakthrough product solutions in our application field. Elysee’s vision is to be a green leader worldwide through Innovative, Smart, Easy to use Piping Systems. Today’s competitive perspective of Elysee highly relies on scientific and technical research and innovation activities.

The company is strategically looking for new ways to innovate and bring new solutions to the market suitable for improving the end user experience. On top, by being innovative, we act dynamically for the national economy, achieving our business leadership.

Inventiveness/Creativity (the key component of innovation) in business is important because it fosters monadic ideas.

For an idea to be innovative, it must also be serviceable. Creative notions do not always drive innovation. The key is to find viable solutions to problems through inventive ideas. However, if an idea does not solve a real problem, it could not be considered innovative.


What is innovation?


Innovation can be a product, service, business model, or strategy that’s both inventive and serviceable in the end. Our innovation strategy is willing to be utmost for breakthroughs in technology or new business models, as well as more straightforward for upgrades to our company’s customer service or modern features added to existing products.


The importance of innovation


Innovation in Business

  • Ensure success
  • Safeguard existing position in the market
  • Pursue essential growth
  • Improve competitive positioning


  • Creation of additional market segments to serve a customer base the existing market doesn’t reach.
  • New market disruption always is a challenge for Elysee!


  • Improvement of processes and technologies of product lines.
  • Elysee wants to stay atop its market!

1. Clarify

2. Ideate

3. Develop

4. Execute