Green Elysée

One of Elysée’s main concerns is the protection of the environment, hence, we always strive to minimize our Carbon Footprint. We are committed to protecting the earth in every possible way, making it a better place to live, while maintaining our business-driven innovation, green thinking, and continuous improvement. For this reason, we wish to pave the road for becoming a leading green company, with effective, sustainable, innovative, and smart piping and fitting systems.

Here at Elysée, we acknowledge both the benefits and the challenges that leading a green company comes with, and we still remain fully committed to sustainability. Our tag-line streaming water streaming life synopsizes perfectly the organization’s beliefs and culture. It is not just a phrase; it is the foundation of all principles and strategies that define Elysée.

“Be a Green Leader Worldwide through Innovative, Smart, Easy-to-Use piping systems”



Elysée Strategy50

Elysée acknowledges that businesses have a tremendous impact to climate change and can help in the fight against it. For this reason, we are setting a strategic approach to help us ultimately lead the way to a circular economy model, a testimony of our commitment to quality, towards the fulfillment of our goals for sustainability. Generally, a company’s minimized carbon footprint is what leads to carbon neutrality. We are dedicated to our dream to guide Life on a green path. Our goal is to continue striving for becoming a leading sustainable world supplier in piping systems, thus, keep offering to the public a wide selection of the most trustworthy products and of the highest standards. At the same time, we are taking all the necessary steps to ultimately become a Green Leader and an exemplary model for other Cypriot & European businesses.

Elysée has set a 10-year strategy that delineates the way we aim to achieve our vision50 by 2029, when the company will turn 50 years old. This strategy encompasses the company’s set of actions which are grouped in 6 strategic directions or Pillars. Each one of the six Strategic Pillars is further broken down to discrete projects while each project has a specific aim and timeframe.

One of the strategic pillars, #4 Green Elysée, is illustrative of the aspiration to be a Green Leader in the industry.

Green Economy Pillar 4: Green Elysée

Carbon Footprint

Quantifying our environmental impact.

Green Energy

Investing in renewable energy and reducing significantly the energy intensity of our production facilities.

Zero Waste

Achieving Zero-waste-to-landfill as well as diverting piping waste from landfills.

Circular Economy

Philosophy, initiatives, and Green thinking.

Green Circular products & Technologies for Circularity

High quality, safe, and innovative products, particularly circular products and technologies of circularity.

Green Policy

Investing in emissions offsetting projects.