Lambda Series: Things to know about our top-class compression fittings

Compression fittings are ideal for connecting metal or hard plastic tubing since they can withstand great pressure, high temperatures, and handle various different fluids

Epsilon Series: Things to know about our top-class compression fittings

What makes them so useful is that they can withstand high pressures, operating temperatures, and are compatible with various different fluids, even aggressive ones. They have a wide range of use, from industrial usage to home plumbing applications.

Things to know about our top-class Saddle fittings

Elysee has a wide range of top-class saddles, which are suitable for secondary line derivation from main lines of PP, PE or PVC for irrigation and can be used in potable and irrigation water supply systems

7 things to know about PP and PVC Ball Valves

PP and PVC Ball Valves are durable, cost-effective, and used for a wide variety of applications, such as to regulate, control, direct, and modulate the flow and pressure of fluids

6 things to know about landscape irrigation design

This article aims to provide readers with important tips and advice on the best practices to use when designing an efficient irrigation project.

Why precision irrigation is the only way to sustainable agriculture

If you are a farmer or work in the agriculture industry, it is important to know the benefits of using precision irrigation, and how the right choices can help not only farmers but also the environment. 

Bountiful harvest: 3 popular summer vegetables to grow in a greenhouse

How to create the optimum conditions by choosing the most effective drip irrigation system that is based on precision. In this way, you will produce a bountiful harvest that you can enjoy on a daily basis!

Summer tips to water your garden properly

The summer is already here, and it is important to hydrate not only yourselves but for your garden as well! To do this, you should be well-informed on how to make sure that your plants will survive and thrive in the heat of the summer.

Nils Henrik Tuastad, Production Manager: "Digital Transformation is Imperative for All Businesses"

Nils Henrik Tuastad, Production Manager at Elysee Irrigation, recently gave an interview to the prestigious INBusiness magazine, published in Greek.